Are you man enough to wear a Man Bag?

Pharrell with Hermès bag

Pharrel famously wears a £20,000 one every so often.

Will Smith (actually ‘Dr. Robert Neville’) saved the world wearing one.

There’ll be a few in your office who wear one.

Love them or loathe them, they are now firmly on the agenda of the brands and designers we buy from, and while the £20k Hermès version Pharrel (almost pulls off?) is possibly a little bit over the top for most of us, if you’re still unsure, it’s time to make your mind up, for or against.

The trend, inevitably, started in Italy’s leading style cities; Milan, Florence and Rome and has since spread to us gents in Britain, where we tend to favour a more sombre approach with masculine satchells and ‘poaching bags’ made by the likes of Mulberry and Barbour.

Over in China, the country’s newly wealthy entrepreneurs and businessmen rock Gucci, FENDI, Burberry and Louis Vuitton shoulder bags all in the brands’ classic logo patterns. A quick walk around the streets of London will show this trend has caught on with the ex-pat Chinese community and the city’s own hip-hop aficionados.

Our recommendations?

At MilanStyle, our particular favourites are of course the Belstaff version at the rugged end of the scale (which of us gents doesn’t secretly want to be a Hollywood action hero?) and if you’re ready to move up the price ladder, there are smarter FENDI monogrammed bags and Dior Homme leather versions which are sheer class and quite subtle.

More ‘British’ are the Paul Smith canvas screen printed shoulder bags which have quickly become a core part of his men’s accessories range. At the moment there are some particularly smart ones with his signature striped car, cameras and photographic accessories and even a patriotic Union Jack all featuring on the bags, and all worth considering a purchase of. Kinda like Pokémon, “gotta catch ‘em all”.

Where would we be without Barbour? Their timeless satchels in waxed canvas and leather, all still made in Britain, could cause some to object to the term ‘man bag’, but since you’re probably not buying it to hunt or fish with, we submit that this objection should be ‘overruled’, your Honour.

Is your personal style is a little more flashy Italian?

Your bag could really only be a FENDI or Gucci in their inimitable ‘house prints’ (logo monogrammed). Must be worn with swagger and absolute confidence for full effect.

Blow the budget, billionaire?

Those with a more generous budget and a taste for pure luxury will choose a Salvatore Ferragamo, ZAGLIANI, or a Ralph Lauren Purple Label in what are now termed the ‘semi-precious’ and ‘precious’ leathers of python-skin, alligator and crocodile skins.

Brave enough? Shop our from range of ‘man bags’ now.

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