TIME TO BRING BACK: The Prada ‘America’s Cup’ Shoe


For years in the 2000s the classic Prada ‘America’s Cup’ trainer lay in the style doldrums. Sure, it was still well made and still a high quality sports-shoe but the highly recognisable, ‘Prada Sport‘ branded red tab (also known as ‘Prada Linea Rossa’ – simply translated as Prada Red Line) had fallen into the hands of The Wrong People. Who are ‘The Wrong People’? Quite simply, The Wrong People is that collection of usually young men who buy something just because it is expensive and has a logo on it – they have no genuine understanding or appreciation of how to wear the item.

The iconic Prada 'America's Cup' shoe.

The iconic Prada 'America's Cup' shoe.

So, many gentleman interested in style moved away from the Prada Sport brand altogether and made a rule never to wear it as long as The Wrong People were wearing it. We understand that. But the problem is this shoe is a DAMN GOOD SHOE. In terms of iconic footwear staples for men, we would put it next to the Gucci loafer, the John Lobb double monkstrap or the Tricker’s brogue any day of the week.

Another reason we particularly recommend this shoe is that it acts as a bridge for Generation X and Y men who are scared of giving up their trainers (sneakers) for casual wear and don’t feel ‘ready’ to wear ‘proper’ shoes all of the time but are now past wearing the latest Nike or Adidas offering.


‘The America’s Cup’ shoe is Prada’s best selling shoe ever.

It was designed by Miuccia Prada (of the Prada family dynasty and current Creative Director of the house) for her husband who could not find a decent shoe to wear for sailing. For this reason and various other reasons the shoe is a legitimate and authentic sailing shoe that is entirely fit for purpose and almost indestructible in our experience. It is made from leather and mesh nylon and is fully waterproof, originally designed for the Luna Rossa Sailing Team and with a signature grooved, non-skid rubber sole – this is for when the boat’s deck gets wet.


The America’s Cup is a sports shoe, but in our opinion it should NOT be worn with sportswear if you want to look refined. Dark, straight leg jeans only will work with this shoe. Let the red tab discreetly announce its presence. If you are nervous of wearing logos, let this be the only logo you wear on this outfit. A classic John Smedley knit will work well here. In winter, a navy peacoat on top.

Prada Sport Trainers - (Prada Linea Rosa Collection)

Prada Sport Trainers - (Prada Linea Rossa Collection)

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