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Dior Homme Jeans

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Dior Homme Jeans

Dior Homme jeans buying guide in association with MilanStyle.com

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Dior Homme jeans were designed by Hedi Slimane, the former chief designer of the brand when the label was launched in the 2000s as a counterpart to the Christian Dior womenswear line. He designed both the 19cm and 21cm models (more info below) which have become core components of the Dior Homme line over time. Since that time, and under the new direction of head designer Kris Van Assche, these cuts have remained in the collection with Van Assche updating the jeans with new washes and denims each season.

There are three models for Dior Homme jeans: the 19cm, 21cm and the NEW 17.5cm cut model.

The ‘19cm’, ‘21cm’ or ’17.5cm’ refers to the hem measurements or the ankle opening of the jeans.

The 19cm cut is indeed slimmer than the 21cm, but please remember that both cuts are actually designed for the slimmer man. The new 17.5cm cut is of course the slimmest cut of all.

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Where are Dior Homme jeans made? Is one country better than the other?

Dior Homme produce their jeans in two countries which specialise in denim manufacture and finish, Italy and Japan, both imparting their areas of denim expertise and characteristics to the final jeans produced. Denim enthusiasts tend to have a preference for the ‘Made in Japan’ Dior Homme jeans, however, in our experience there is little difference in the final product’s fit, only the denim wash itself. (Italy is known in the fashion industry for producing the best ‘washed’ and ‘aged’ effects in denim). Each season Dior Homme introduce different washes which will require a different production specialism.

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Please also note that neither country will mean your jeans are selvedge, unless directly stated so on the jeans. This is by no means a reflection on their quality.

How does the sizing work on Dior Homme men’s jeans?

Dior Homme jeans are sized ‘true to size’, which means if you are a 32″ waist, you should buy a size 32. Remember though that Dior jeans are designed for the slimmer man – these will definitely fit more closely to your waist and body than other brand jeans that you may wear.

The inseam (leg length) on Dior Homme jeans is very long, typically around 38 – 40”. They do not shrink much, probably no more than 1” on the length over many wash and tumble dries. This is to give the jeans a ‘stacked’ appearance at the ankle, or alternatively of course, accommodates those with longer legs.

How do Dior Homme jeans fit?

Christian Dior’s men’s jeans all have a low rise waist.
All cuts fit like ‘skinny’ jeans.

Do Dior Homme jeans shrink in the wash?

All Dior Homme jeans are sanforized which means they have been pre-treated to prevent any major shrinkage on the length. Repeated very hot washing and tumble drying ‘raw’ finish jeans may shrink them an inch or so over time.

Where can I buy Dior Homme jeans online?

MilanStyle.com works with all authorised Dior Homme stockists, including Luisaviaroma.com to bring you the absolute complete range of Dior Homme clothing and jeans online. We are also pleased to recommend Luisaviaroma as they offer MilanStyle shoppers FREE international shipping.

We are also working with a range of other official Dior Homme stockists exclusively through MilanStyle.com so that you have the widest choice possible of where to buy your jeans next pair of jeans from. Just visit our online Dior Homme store for the absolute widest choice you’ll find online.

MilanStyle guarantees the authenticity of all products featured on this website.

Still unsure about ordering Dior Homme online just yet?

Don’t be. Make sure you read our review of the excellent customer service provided by Luisaviaroma.com and learn about the ordering and free returns process.

Special thanks to Christian Dior / Dior Homme.

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